Crafts / Calendar 2016

Travelling always brings new impressions, experience, knowledge and remembrance. For keeping all those memories
we bring souvenirs which are part of culture of those countries we have visited. This year we wanted to dedicate
our calendar exactly to souvenirs because they are symbols of pleasant memories and knowledge. We took the most
interesting and, to our opinion, the most recognizable souvenirs, which are easily identified with culture of some
country. Whether that be wooden kokeshi doll or azulejos, all those items keep not only our personal memories,
but also history, experience and specific cultural traditions of the country it is from. We hope that our calendar
will inspire you to new travels and stimulate learning of other countries’ culture. Traditional bonus from is a post
card kit for sending good news to friends and family.

Illustration by Natalia Grezina
Design and typography by Anton Yermolov
Photo by Svetlana Trefeelova